Darryl L. Montagueis a gifted writer and motivator who is exceptional in capturing reader’s attention.  Darryl utilizes words that tap deep into the hearts of readers, and provides them with the literary nourishment they desire.  He is a diverse writer that expresses his writing through poetry, motivational essays, and fiction. In 2003, Darryl Montague was published through Precious Seeds Media Group, with his book, “Power Thoughts, A Journey Towards Possibility,” which is a daily devotional that teaches readers to set goals, to create relationship with God, and to never give up on their hopes and dreams.

A native of Richmond Virginia, Darryl was introduced to writing at a very young age. Growing up with love for contemporary authors, Darryl wrote his first stage play at the age of twelve, and self-published his first book of poetry at eighteen; titled “Tender Thoughts: What A Man Should Say To A Woman”

Darryl studied literature and writing at Shenandoah College and Conservatory, and later Studied at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Virginia.

  • Favorite Foods: Baked Chicken
  • Favorite Music: Hip Hop and R&B
  • Favorite Dessert: Chocolate Cake
  • Favorite Pass Time: Writing
  • Mission Statement: To uplift, motivate and empower people for the possibilities of their lives.